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Professional Painters and Decorators - reputable External & Internal Painters and Decorators.

Contracts Awarded

Timber Window Repair Co. Reputable Painters and Decorators, Sash Timber Window Care Repairs Systems, Conservation and Renovation in Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey.

1) Sissinghurst Castle/Gardens, National Trust (External Repairs & Painting)
2) Hampstead High School, Common Room (Internal Redecoration)
3) St Josephs Academy Blackheath, W/c Refurbishment (Painting/Tiling)
4) Mount Pleasant Post Office, Corridors (Painting & Multi-Flex Coatings)
5) Christchurch Church Eltham, Priory Conversion (Painting)
6) Winchelsea, Farm Buildings/Cottage National Trust (Repairs/Painting)
7) Malt Kiln House, Harewood, Leeds (Window Care/Painting)
8) Conduit House, Long Melford, Suffolk Victorian Conservatory, (Repairs/Painting)
9) The Pebble Building, Tenterden (Window Care/Painting)
10) Elm Hill house, Hawkhurst, Kent (Window Care/Painting)

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Contracts Awarded.

1) Scotney Castle National Trust
2) Bettrington House
3) Sissinghurst Castle Estate
4) Sissinghurst Castle, Tower
5) Bromley High School
6) Sedgehill School
7) Lewisham Town Hall
8) Hall House Farm National Trust
9) Catford County School
10) Blackheath High School
11) Streatham High School
12) Scotney Castle Area Offices
13) Scotney Castle Grapehouse Phase (2)
14) OakBrook Goldhawk Rd N6
15) Scotney Castle (Mansion House) National Trust
16) Scotney Castle (Bell Tower) National Trust
17) Telham House (Battle)
18) Scotney Castle (Mansion House)
19) Owlets (Cobham Kent) National Trust
20) Rathfarnham House (Guilford)
21) Fyfield Grange (Oxford)
22) The Old Vicarage (Lympne, Kent)
23) Tenterden Town Hall & Building
24) Rookery Handsacre Staffordshire
25) Huggits Farm, Stone-in-Oxney Kent

Below are 2 Photographs of Repairs/Painting being carried out to
Farm Buildings in Winchelsea, East Sussex for The National Trust.

Farm Buildings - Repair and Painting

Below are 6 Photographs of Restoration / Window Care Repairs and Painting that we
have carried out for The National Trust as part of the 2004 External Painting Contract Awarded
to us at Sissinghurst Castle Gardens in Kent.

The National Trust Sissinghurst Castle Gardens

Restoration/Window Care Repairs/Painting

Restoration/Window Care Repairs/Painting

CERT Timber Windows
Tele: 0845 257 0780 & 07479 072892 - Medway, Kent, East/West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex.

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